Boundless digital
experiences for your
physical products — in a tap

Causality is the key to seamless physical-digital interactions, where every object has a story, a game, a tool or a function waiting for your touch.


Features at a glance

Universally compatible with any NFC tag

Source NFC tags or NFC-tagged physical products yourself or through our vendor partners

Compatible with your own NFC experiences

Causality can be used as a stand-alone solution or as an add-on for your pre-existing activation.

Built in authentication (for eligible chipsets)

We build support for pre-existing hardware authentication directly into our platform so you don't have to worry about it

Plug n' Play into countless environments

Causality can be used in ANY digital environment! From websites to videogames to shopping carts


Now on Roblox!

Learn about our various integrations for web, mobile, game engines and more...

How it works

Exploring Our Approach

In this age of dual-plane existence…
connectivity is hot and disconnection is not

Causality lets you breathe digital life into physical products through ‘causal links’ (links of necessity). Take any item, from the mundane to the most luxurious, and let those in possession of it or interaction with it enjoy it in both realms. 

This is achieved through the platform’s patent-pending POPphy methodology, forming physical-digital sensations that end-users can feel. When was the last time you tapped something with your phone and got a tingle in your spine from the result? Exactly. 

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Selected integrations of Causality by our partners in 2023

See what our launch partners experimented with during our initial development phase.

Connect select physical items to receive in-game powerups, wings and ability to fly.
By: Hyperfy

Use Diablo IV-themed apparel (by fashion designer Charli Cohen) to collect exclusive roles in Discord.

Powering NFC-tagged conference admissions wristbands for gamification, engagement and networking.
By: NFT Fest (conference in Lugano, Switzerland)

Artist autographs digital artwork for fan using physical totem.
By: Carlos Marcial