The API for the physical world. Easily connect physical goods to digital environments.

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Merging physical and digital – for everyone

Our lives exist in dual planes. Our things should do the same. To accomplish this, developers and creators need a tool that lets their end-users connect physical to digital easily, and does so in a manner that keeps those connections meaningful. With Causality, developers and creators can add this functionality for their users in just a few API calls. In doing so they also enjoy the network effect of the Causality ecosystem, boosting discovery of their experiences.

PoPphy™: changing the phygital paradigm

We need to think differently about what phygital means. To usher in a new age of physical-digital links, the connections must remain meaningful. Our approach to solving this is called Proof of Possession of Physical Goods (PoPphy™). By requiring a physical item in order to unlock its digital aspect (utility, functionality, twinning, etc), the former maintains its importance as much as the latter. It’s this methodology - of cause and effect - that will make phygital experiences visceral for end users and places like the Metaverse feel more real.

Why Use Causality?

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    Cost Effective

    We’ll handle the infrastructure. You just create amazing experiences for your end-users. Like any SaaS, we keep your tools sharp so you don’t have to.

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    Think differently about how you approach phygital. Offer your users phygital connections that will give them goosebumps.

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    Network Effect

    Using one Causality-powered experience means you can use them all. Enjoy the benefits of discovery, much like Epic Games Store, Steam or Uber Eats.

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    Crowdsource Utility

    Build one phygital experience, now use your brainhive of participants to keep giving it continuous utility.

Spotlighted Experiences

  • Dark Adaptation by Cat Russell

    A project experimenting with the value of physical presence in digital art. Show up physically to add their signature to your NFT.

  • Hyperfy Integration

    Example of an integration in the Hyperfy platform, connecting select physicals at the Causal Booth enables wings/flight to reach second floor.


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