Meet the team
behind Causality


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Causality is the first and flagship product from Clever Guerrilla Inc, a boutique software and experiences development firm. CG Inc is focused on using technology to shatter paradigms and bring new age adventures to the masses.

OUR Team

Meet the ninjas


Elad Yakobowicz

Technophile and tinkerer of stuff. Former core team member of popular mobile game Upland and consultant at metaverse and innovation consulting group Business Evolution . Founded crowd-sourced disaster mapping site and tech news portal Places NFC stickers on literally everything and everyone (be advised if meeting in person).


Ronin Rivera

Formerly of SUPERPLASTIC. Avid gamer and collector of physical (and digital!) tchotchkes. An ideal candidate for spearheading Causality's mission and value proposition. Has consulted for leading organizations and brands in sectors including innovation and blockchain. Good squad member to have in Deep Rock Galactic.

Business Development

Lukas Fiedler

Founder of Blockmagazin, the leading German-print magazine covering blockchain and innovation. Hails from many years in the cryptocurrency space where he worked with leading brands and big names. Knows how to ideate solutions and find value from both a top-up and bottom-down approach. Claims that his favorite color is blue but we're dubious about it.

Projects and Operations

Steve Modres

Contract negotiations specialist by day, tech geek by night. We pulled this merc from somewhere in the Big Industry sector. Now he helps connect (pun intended) some of the fastest growing verticals that we target. Facilitates creation of new shiny things for Causality users to scan.


Brand Licensing and Consumer Products

Hazel Brown

Prev. VP at NBCUniversal. Led retail development and consumer products growth on the most well known multi-billion dollar franchises of our time, inc. Minions, Jurassic World, and Trolls. Currently Head of Global Licensing for Crafters Companion , building product lines with Warner Bros. and other leading global licensors.

Gaming and Entertainment

Tobias Sjögren

Formerly CEO of Starbreeze Entertainment (PAYDAY 3, Chronicles of Riddick, Dungeons and Dragons). Nearly 30 years of game industry experience. Head of Studio at DICE during shipment of Battlefield 1942. Worked with DDM Agency, Stardoll, Paradox and White Wolf Entertainment among others.

Legal and Corporate

Collin Woodward

Gifted attorney who found environments of traditional law not ruthless enough for his tastes - has since pivoted to tech. Served as acting General Counsel for startups that have raised millions of dollars in combined capital. Must not touch water or be fed after midnight.