Avatars digitize our physical selves.
Causality digitizes our physical stuff.

Avatars have become a commonplace extension of our identities, intentions and desires. It is obvious to us that the next evolution is an extension of our things. Interfaces between physical and digital, specifically NFC (Near Field Communication) tags, have been growing globally at a rate of almost 15%-20%, annually, for years. So why are activations that used them limited to only big names or rudimentary uses?

Scaling this next iteration of physical-digital interaction in society required one hub offering multiple solutions: a multifaceted plug-n-play tool for creation, an easy tool for discovery, and a means of easily getting physical items that will function with your vision. That's what we've built for you.


A forward-thinking team focused on user experience

Causality is built by a future-focused team composed of individuals who champion user journey and UX. If we wouldn’t use it ourselves, we wouldn’t ask you to. Everything we do takes into consideration current signals and vectors, but we’re not looking to build for yesterday’s market. We’re here to shake things up and show you what tomorrow looks like. The platform we’re creating is designed to unlock access to phygital for all creators and their end-users, big and small. From websites to AAA games, toys to washing machines (not sure who’s going to do that last one but we look forward to finding out!).

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Causality is in closed beta, accounts and access to toolsets are provided
on a rolling basis. Public beta is expected to open in 2024.