A huge value-add with Causality: cross-pollination.


The power of network effect
and cross-collaboration

The end-user side of Causality includes an aggregator, not unlike Steam, Epic Games Store or Uber Eats. Every Causality experience is discoverable through it (unless you specifically delist).

But what is even more interesting is that Causality's POPphy approach enables new ways to think about business partnerships. If you have a physical product, any new digital experience on Causality is a plug-n-play world ready to receive it. If you have a digital experience, every physical product is a new audience you can potentially engage.

Physical Creator Benefits

Your items now provide enjoyment into multiple dimensions

Causality opens up your products' utility to the digital realm, where demand for stimuli is at an all-time high. Every single digital location, be it website, game or ecommerce store, is another potential place to use your item. Bring your own partners to the table or approach parties within the Causality ecosystem who will be happy to speak with you.

Digital Creator Benefits

Attract an entire network of Causality powered items -- and their owners!

The fight for User Acquisition (UA) is bloodier than it has ever been. Causality is here to change the game. Every NFC-tagged physical item becomes a potential user you can attract to your website, video game, or ecommerce store. They don't even have to be your physical items. Partner up with manufacturers, physical item providers, brands and the like. Give them new ways to use their cool products in the digital worlds or locations you have to offer: give them powerups, discounts, access to content, functionality or simple pure enjoyment. It's entirely up to you. But in doing so with Causality - they now have a reason to visit your digital platform that they may not have otherwise had...

Multiply your effectiveness

Source digital utility and benefit from your community, other communities or even your business collaborators.

Features #1

The ecosystem brings digital demand in addition to your own.

Features #2

One physical product can have infinite digital life.

Features #3

A growing base of creators and end-users empower one another.

Features #4

Stick out from the crowd with connections that are truly unique.

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